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Blue Fire

The Candle Prayer

The Three Souls

The Kala Rite

The Iron Pentacle

The Pearl Pentacle

Claiming The Blue Cord


Gallery of Sigil Magic

Garden of Faery Flower Sorcery

Angel's Trumpet

Calla Lily




Rose Numerology

Black Rose

Blue Rose

Purple Rose

Orange Rose

Pink Rose

Red Rose

Silver Rose

White Rose

Yellow Rose


Blooming Lips, Language of Flowers

How To Press Flowers

Doctrine of Signatures

Shrine of Faerie Fire

Setting Lights


The Star Goddess

The Divine Twins

Nimue: The Flower Maiden

Dian Y Glas: The Blue God

Mari: The Great Mother

Krom: The Summer King

Ana: The Crone

Arddu: The Royal Darkness

Deity Articles & Poetry

The God's of Infinity

The Goddesses of the Elements

Currents in the Ocean

God Herself: A Brief Meditation

The Winged Serpent

Modern Queer Mythology

A Simple Bone Reading

Feri Ceromancy

Some Things I Know About Nimue

Our Faith Has No Hell

The Rite of the Seven Jars

The Erotic Trinity

In Darkness Mirror

Nimue Gets A Tan

Guardians of Space

Heaven Shiner

Star Finder

Shining Flame

The Witch Hirself

Water Maker

Black Mother

Fire In The Earth




Heva Leviathan Tiamat

Verr Avna

Mighty Dead

Victor H. Anderson

Cora Anderson

Alison Harlow Archive

Lifting the Veil

Frequently Asked Questions



Faery Flower Service


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To Send A Letter
To The Dead

To Become A Moth

A Love Spell

To Make You Pretty

To Increase Male
Sex Drive

To Lessen Male
Sex Drive

To Aid Against Impotency

To Cause

To Keep Him

Talismanic Flower Magic

To Return Lost Dignity

To Illicit Fond Memories

To Dream True

To Celebrate
Summer Solstice

To Reconcile

A Graveyard
Love Spell

An Uncrossing

To Aid

To Catch Your
Object Of Desire

To Commune
With Ana

A Yellow
Rose Curse

A Pink Rose
Sweetening Spell

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