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Rose: Rosaceae; Rosa... The rose has been celebrated since antiquity, representing such classical goddesses as Isis and Aphrodite. It is venerated as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment in many Western mystical traditions. Dante's Paradisio envisions the highest point of heaven as being a white rose. Religious traditions, such as Rosicrucianism, have taken their name from the rose, as have certain sacred tools and practices, such as the Rosary. Most wild roses have five sepals and petals, which Christians have associated with the five wounds of Christ. Modern Pagans often associate the five pointed rose with the five points of the pentacle. Mystic poets, such as Rumi, Blake and many others have praised the virtues of the rose, most often linking it to our most divine emotion--love. The Victorian Language of Flowers offers several meanings for rose, each depending on the coloring of its petals.

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Edited by Chas Bogan

Orange colored roses were hybridized in the late 20th century, after the yellow rose was discovered and mated with the popular red rose.

For some, the creation of this orange rose was a feat likened to the Alchemist's quest for the Golden Rose, that which symbolized completion of the Great Work. This Golden Rose was also the product of Popes, who on the fourth Sunday during Lent would ritually gild a white rose, an act depicting immortality through the Catholic promise of bodily resurrection upon Christ's return.

The hybridizers themselves, though proud, did not see their creation as the pinnacle of their art, but rather as testament to the fact that Nature could yet give the world new creations. The Orange Rose became symbolic of that enthusiasm engendered by the theories of Charles Darwin, which promised an ever evolving universe. With this vibrant color the Rose had announced its willingness to reveal new hues, fragrances, and blooms with which to bless Creation.

Rose In The Language of Flowers


Black: Anarchy / Death

Blue: Mystery / Secrets

Lavender: Gay / Enchantment

Orange: Desire / Lust

Pink: Grace / Friendship

Red: Love / Romance

Silver: Poetry / Class

White: Innocence / Chastity

Yellow: Friendship / Jealousy
Rose Flower Sorcery


A Foot Trafficking Spell
To Catch Your Object Of Desire

Strewing rose petals along your lover's path is a tradition seen even in modern times, as many a wedding has a flower girl to scatter petals down the isle before the bride begins her nuptial journey. Additionally the tradition of Hoodoo, which informs many magical practices in Faery Tradition, utilizes what is referred to as 'foot trafficking,' the act of laying magic objects and powders in the path of one's target. The orange rose, dried and powdered, may be sprinkled where the object of your desire is likely to step upon it, and thereafter absorb the power of your spell. Simply crush the dried rose petals into a powder with a mortar and pestle, stirring clockwise, imagining the two of you united in a kiss or other state of intimacy, while passionately calling his or her name.

Please note: The spells contained on this page are not intended as a substitute for any legal, financial, psychiatric and or medical services.
Rose Mythology
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