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Guardians of the Directions

Invoke 'Black Mother' guardian of the North!Invoke 'Water Maker' guardian of the West!
Invoke 'Heaven Shiner' guardian of Above!Invoke 'The Witch Hirself' in the Center!Invoke 'The Fire In The Earth' guardian of Below!
Invoke 'Star Finder' guardian of the South!Invoke 'Shining Flame' guardian of the South!
Watchers from the edge of space
We call you from beyond the brink of time
To enter here our sacred twilight realm
And Guard our rites empyrean and wild.

The Guardians of the Feri tradition are celestial intelligences of tremendous power who came to us from beyond the stars to teach humankind the arts of magic.

While different lines of Feri have differing views on each of them (including their names and even their number) it is agreed that these ancient beings will come to assist us when they are called, to join, witness, and guard our rites.

Goddess of the Directions
Link to the Faery Goddess of the North, Verr Avna   Link to the Faery Goddess of the East, Arida
Link to the Faery Goddess of the West, Heva Leviathan Tiamat   Link to Faery Goddess of the South, Tana
From the underworld they come...
Beyond the world of space and time
Deep they are, to the very depth of the universe
And madness is their name.

Some of the most strange and potent beings that are worked with in our tradition are the Goddesses of the Elements. These are beings of primal power that are quite beyond what is normally thought of when one considers the elemental powers invoked in the modern Craft. These deities are said to be older than matter itself, and provide the energetic blueprint for all of creation.