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Faery Flower Service

Setting an altar flower is a powerful form of active prayer.  The beauty of the bloom attracts positive energy, and like temple incense its perfume lifts your prayers heavenward. Every flower contains a living spirit, eager to bless you with magical results.

Each Friday, as part of our Temple of Faery service, we ritually charge water, purifying it and drinking some in order to spiritually cleanse ourselves and those who come to our altar. This holy water is dispersed into bud vases, and into each of those is placed a sacred rose. Your prayer request is written on a petition paper and placed beneath your bud’s vase. There the flower does its work, radiating helpful energy as its petals unfold.

When its work is done, the flower is carefully prepared, pressed, and mailed to you along with your petition paper. A pressed flower makes for a wonderful charm, and can be used in other magical spells if you wish. If you would like for us to keep your flower and petition paper, they will find an honored place in our Book of Magic alongside others.

The cost of this service is $20, and includes the price of the flower, the crafting of your name paper, our expertise in pressing your flower, and cost of mailing it to you.

You are welcome to bring a flower of your own to our service Fridays a 6pm at The Mystic Dream, and we will tend to your flower free of charge. Please note that pressing and mailing your flower is part of our paid service. If you wish to bring your own flower it will be responsibly composted when it has finished its work.

Please describe ONE purpose for your flower to be set for. If your purpose includes people other than just yourself, please include their first and last names, when possible.

Examples of purposes: Love, Protection, Money, Purification, Success, Court Case, Good Luck, Health, ect.


Limit 200 Characters

If you prefer to order your flower over the phone you may call
The Mystic Dream
during regular business hours at:

(925) 933-2342

Please have your Visa or Master Card information ready.

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