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Blessed Be,
J'té and Storm

Born Susan Alison Harlow on August 29th, 1934 in New York City to Sue and Arthur Harlow, she attended the City and Country Grammar School in Greenwich Village. She graduated from New Lincoln High School in 1952. She went to Bard College in 1953 and spent a 5 years in Bogotá, Columbia as a professor's wife.

Alison achieved her Master on Mathematics from Columbia University in 1958 and worked as a programmer for IBM in California and Hawaii.

She met Randall Garrett and married him in New York City in 1963. They lived in Texas for several years and moved to San Francisco in the middle 1960's where Alison became very involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in it's formative years.

She was initiated in 1970 by Gwydion Penderrwen, and trained in Feri Witchcraft by Gwydion and Victor Anderson. She lived in Oakland and Palo Alto during the 70's, moving into an intentional community in Scotts Valley, Ca in 1982. She was instrumental in the creation of that community and lived in the same home from May 1982 until her death, June 13th, 2004.

Alison was a feminist and was politically active to the end of her life. She also supported efforts to find peaceful solutions to the world's problems. She served on the Women's Commission of Santa Cruz County for the last 8 years and was an active member of WILPF, AAUW, NOW and WomenRise until her death.

Alison was a Witch and a practicing Feri Priestess. She taught Craft for almost thirty years. She was the founder of the Vanthi line of Feri tradition and one of the founding members of Covenant of the Goddess, an international organization of Witches. She was a beloved member of many communities and she is missed.

Blessed Be to you, Alison.


J’té Argent is a practicing Feri Priestess and teacher in Santa Cruz County. She has been an active member of the Wiccan community for more than fourteen years.

She was trained and initiated by Alison Harlow and functioned as Alison's co-priestess for thirteen years at both public and private rituals. She shared a deep and loving friendship with Alison and was asked by Alison to write her biography. J'té is a artist, illustrator and sole owner of ArgentArt. She is an avid, amateur gardener and steward of 2 Redwood Groves and a SunCircle on her property in the Santa Cruz mountains. Please visit her website


Storm Faerywolf is an artist, teacher, queer activist, Witch, and initiate of the Feri tradition. For more information, please visit his website at

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